The #1 Question Asked Every Day About Reel You and Why the Answer Is a Better Reflection of Your World

Selective Sharing, Conceptually

The way we built “selective sharing” is nothing new; you’ve already been doing it for years on your messaging application.

Sharing in Reel You works just like sharing in your messaging application.

Selective Sharing, IRL (In Reel Life)

The Sharing Spectrum

Imagine sharing on a spectrum from Facebook to a journaling application.

The Way We (Actually) Share

Dunbar’s number suggests we can maintain up to 150 connections at once. Circles of people are nested within the 150 and house our closer relationships. Outside of 150 and any level of intimacy becomes hard to sustain.

Look familiar?
Social circles and intimacy levels aren’t static over time.

Selective Sharing Is Caring

Documenting your life with selective sharing is a great way to take care of yourself and others. You can boost your mental health and foster strong relationships without bombarding other people with your content.



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