The Inspiration Behind Our New Logo and What It Means to Me

Jay Alberts
3 min readJun 18, 2021

As I sat at my desk fiddling with designs for an upcoming feature, it dawned on me just how much Reel You has changed as time has progressed. Yet I wondered: does our brand still reflect who we have grown to be and what we aim to become?

We believe that joy is in the journey. It’s not about getting to a destination but rather appreciating every step of the way. We envision a future in which everyone can appreciate their own path and want to help you live more presently and purposely along the way.

Our old logo has served us well and will always hold a special place in my heart, but it just doesn’t communicate this vision.

Its time has come.

Our new logo pulls together many inspirations to better represent what we stand for and the journey each Reel Youser is on.

  1. Abstract movie reel: we didn’t completely abandon the old logo… you can still see a movie reel in the new logo with the placement of the holes. The movie reel symbolizes how all your experiences are stitched together to tell the bigger story of your life, just like how thousands of picture frames come together to make a feature film.
  2. Abstract person: with a little imagination, you can see a person in our new logo with a head, arms and legs. This person is symbolic of You, the main focal point. No matter who “You” are, we see you as a human being with your own unique story. Reel You is a personal space to be — and possibly even discover — your true self.
  3. Abstract flower: five-petaled flowers (e.g. hibiscus or oxalis) are often known to symbolize joy, affection, happiness, passion, sincerity and friendship. The delicate nature of a flower reminds us our time together is precious and to seize each moment.
  4. The overall shape: the general shape incorporates many circles which represent wholeness and timelessness, but also the twists and turns of life’s journey and a never-ending movement towards self-actualization. There is no start or end, but the breaks in the circles remind us that life isn’t perfect. Just because one road comes to an end doesn’t mean the entire journey does.

To me, the new logo feels more modern, sleek and memorable, but also wholesome, soft and modest. Most importantly, it better represents the journey of our company and Yousers.

Our logo is the front door to our app and, ultimately, the story of your life. As you swipe across the home screen, I want you to feel welcomed in by our new logo and a sense of calmness that comes from knowing Reel You is built as a utility and not as an energy-sapping, anxiety-inducing attention hog. My wish is for our new logo to become synonymous with a safe personal space where you can share moments with your inner circle in the way you actually lived those experiences. No matter where life takes you, I hope our logo comes to represent your journey and the joy you find along the way.