Walking For Hope

Like you, I am walking for hope this year.

Mom and I visiting Portugal together in October 2017.

Those moments can be captured in Reel You.

My family and friends use Reel You to capture our experiences together and share amongst ourselves. It’s a more intimate way to document the moments that matter to you with the people who matter to you.

Create a moment in Reel You for the Hope Walk. Everyone can add their photos and stories!
  1. One team member creates a Hope Walk moment and shares it with the rest of the team [extra resource: understanding how sharing works]
  2. Walk! … and make sure to snap a few pictures along the way 📸
  3. Each person adds their photos and stories from the walk [tip: press the green buttons to update the moment]

Sometimes, you don’t want to share with the whole world.

There are things you don’t want to share publicly, especially during such a difficult period in your life. Sharing selectively, however, can be a great way to reflect on your journey together and truly cherish each moment.



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