Well, This Is Uncomfortable

Jay Alberts
3 min readJul 13, 2021

Jay Alberts For Treasurer — It Just Makes Cents

When I was younger, I was pretty quiet. I was never interested in being the center of attention… actually… I actively avoided being the center of attention. I was, and still am, much more comfortable as an observer.

The first time I recall putting myself out there was after my best friend convinced me we should run together for leadership positions of the high school student body. I begrudgingly agreed to go for it.

A few days later he dropped out of the race, but I continued my run for Treasurer and ultimately won.

I remember during the campaign challenging myself to talk to different groups of students to ask for their vote. If I was going to win, I had to make the rounds with every clique and class. I vividly remember one interaction with a couple of underclassmen who preferred to eat their lunch in a secluded spot and probably considered themselves outcasts.

The look of shock on their faces melted into something different as I approached them and kindly asked for their vote. I wasn’t ready for their genuine appreciation in return; I suspect I made them realize their voices mattered.

That day I learned forcing myself out of my comfort zone was a great way to build real human connections and produce win/win situations that may have never otherwise existed.

The Great Irony

I find it uncomfortable to talk about myself. I don’t care about likes and comments. I definitely don’t want to be famous. I don’t even want to share anecdotes like the one above, either. They are my moments after all!

But, as I get deeper into my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve come to realize I must share my story. I need to take the first uncomfortable step, just like asking those high school kids for their vote, so that you can get to know me and we can build a real connection. And I sincerely hope we can both win, too.

The great irony of creating Reel You to capture my personal life is that I need to share things I rather keep private in order to help the company be successful. My hope is being vulnerable in this way will strike a chord with potential Reel Yousers interested in capturing their own experiences as well as make me an effective and accessible leader.

A Plunge Into The Uncomfortable

So, here we go… I’m going to share a few more things about myself as another small step outside of my comfort zone.

  • My parents instilled the mantra of “family first” and it taught me the value of having a close, dependable inner circle. Quality over quantity. Real connection over surface-level fakery. I just realized how influential this philosophy has been to “selective sharing” in Reel You.
  • I love learning, creating, and challenging my brain in new ways. I prefer to be a jack-of-all-trades than pigeonholed into any one thing.
  • People tell me I’m diplomatic, determined, and monotone (🤷). I hope they would also say I’m empathetic, loyal, and generous.
  • Dogs. Basketball. 15-minute naps. Magic tricks. I eat and drink too fast. I’m pretty strong with song lyrics. I’ve been to 41 countries so far.

What’s a time you went out of your comfort zone? You don’t have to share it with everyone or even with me. Create a moment in Reel You to remind yourself of what you gained by challenging yourself in a new way.