Why I Started Reel You

April 5, 2016: At SFO, on my way to Amsterdam.
  • Journaling (pen & paper)
  • Relatively short-lived stints on Facebook (2006–2010) and Instagram (2016–2019)
  • Writing one thing from each day on a tiny piece of paper and stuffing it in a can to be rediscovered later
  • Taking notes on my phone
  • Organizing my photo library
  • Hoping I remember (sadly, memories don’t last forever)
October 11, 2019: Leaving ServiceNow for the last time. Reel You was born a few days later.
May 23, 2021: Another puzzle solved by the Alberts family.
  • Be the memory bank of humanity. Help 100 million+ people get in touch with their real selves, live intentionally, and create more moments that matter.
  • Become the Amazon of experiences.
  • Be the social network that reflects how people actually socialize.
  • Become a profitable and sustainable business, but never by compromising our Yousers or principles.
  • Put Reel You in a position to give back a portion of our profits to support Youser-selected organizations that are making a big impact in their communities.




Founder of Reel You

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Jay Alberts

Jay Alberts

Founder of Reel You

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